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Intersection Group is driven by an open community. We count over 700 people in our community with more than 70 very active members, and we want to encourage others to participate. In our first two years we offer membership and partnership options for individuals, enterprises and vendors who support our purpose of creating better enterprises, and the creation of related tools and learning offerings.

For Enterprises

We work with our member organisations of all shapes and sizes tackling enterprise challenges holistically and effectively. Examples for such a challenge include delivering an innovative product or service, reshaping a complex organisation or technology landscape, or growing a breakthrough startup. We help enterprise teams working in innovation and transformation, product/service design and enterprise architecture tasked in making significant change happen. Membership includes a custom collaboration agreement, which may include learning and mentoring, reviews and content co-creation, and access to matching expert profiles from our community. Together we bootstrap the development of EDGY and apply and test its components in a real enterprise context.

Membership fee: starting from € 4,990 per year depending on our collaboration agreement.

Your benefits
  • Apply state-of-the-art methods for co-creating better enterprises
  • Get access to our community of diverse, world-class experienced practitioners
  • Get early adopter training in Enterprise Design tools and the latest pre-release version of EDGY
  • Be a visible part of the Intersection brand (website and Intersection conference)
  • Get remote mentoring and content reviews for your approach or projects

For Partner Vendors

We work with vendors that provide solutions to their client enterprises to help them purposefully reshape their Enterprise Design. As external consultancies, digital tool vendors or learning providers (or a combination thereof) they help us develop the Enterprise Design approach and EDGY, and make it a part of their offerings. Depending on the partner business this can include advice to enterprise clients, courses or e-learning supported by expert mentors and trainers from our network, and an integration of specific tools, maps or models into digital platforms and custom methodologies.

Membership fee: starting from € 5,590 per year depending on our collaboration agreement.

Your benefits
  • Get access to our diverse, world-class community
  • Get early adopter training in Enterprise Design tools and the latest pre-release version of EDGY
  • Implement EDGY tools in your platforms and software tools, and redistribute content and guidance
  • Open up new markets for consultancy, software/content licensing and training
  • Get early access to our certified training offerings and brand visibility when they become available
  • Get early adopter training in Enterprise Design tools and the latest pre-release version of EDGY
  • Participate in the development of methodologies and tools, automated and in person training content
  • Get remote mentoring and reviews for your tools or content

For individuals

Individual contributors are joining Intersection Group as Advising Members. Typically they are very experienced experts in a relevant field. We are always searching for seasoned practitioners to increase the depth and diversity of our community, and the quality of our work. In practice, this is done in our workstreams: groups of 3-7 people who meet every two weeks to discuss specific topics and help us to find answers and develop ideas and concepts that seamlessly connect to the core of EDGY.

Your time donation: from 2h per quarter to 4h a month.

Your benefits
  • contribute to realising the mission of the Intersection Group
  • learn from other world-class experts in Enterprise Design an a range of related fields
  • be a visible part of the Intersection Group and use our brand for your business or career