Anthony Régent
Anthony Régent Leader ecosystem/platform design

Anthony is an experience strategist and ecosystem/platform designer, with a university background in biology (neurosciences) and marketing. He has worked for more than 12 years in digital, marketing, communication, and experience design to improve the interrelationship that individuals have with products, services, brands/companies, or ecosystems within the same total experience. Inspired and passionate about living worlds, technology as "Technium" and complexity sciences, Anthony mixes systems thinking and combinatorial innovation in the metadesign of responsible and sustainable organizations. He is sensitive to the anthropocenic impact of design on the symbiotic relationship between humanity and its habitable environment. Anthony works as a Leader at onepoint to guide companies in the architecture of their technologically catalyzed transformation. He helps them reinvent themselves in the era of ecosystems and platforms to create new business models with a positive footprint.