Elena Crudo
Elena Crudo Senior Consultant

Iā€™m Elena and I love slow films, empty spaces, and shared depths. I love walking, dancing, and the scents of people, places, and nature. I love the thousand forms in which I live: woman, companion, friend, sister, daughter, colleague, and countless others. I have worked as a museologist in museums and cultural foundations, I come from an artistic background on which I have grafted insights and experiences of innovation, start-up, and organisational development. I often find myself at the crossroads between different fields of knowledge and areas of research/action: dynamic, exciting places, rich in interconnections and complexity for the organisations I work with, where I can enter with fresh eyes, without preconceptions. I have experienced that at these crossroads, real transformation can take place with great impact by cultivating the creation of individual meaning, shared values, concrete actions, clear system processes, and principles. I would like to bring to the world an experience of work as an opportunity for personal fulfillment, group connection, and growth, at the service of the end customers, and I would like to do so with creativity, inclusiveness, and authenticity.