Flavio Fabiani
Flavio Fabiani Co-Creation Explorer

I am a man on a journey, who has experienced passions, joys, sorrows, and who has had the opportunity to meet other people along the way. When I meet a person, I always meet a part of myself as well, which fascinates me. And in the meeting of a person, I meet the potential of a relationship, which moves me. I understand myself in relationships, and for this, I love all the roles that life has to offer. I love people! And people from cultures far away from my own allow me to experience wonderful encounters: all my senses are awakened to the fullest in order to understand those cultural aspects that cannot be taken for granted, as opposed to when meeting a fellow compatriot. I wish for a world in which the inhabitants have the possibility to live with their full creative potential in relation to others.


Intersection 22
Creating Purposeful Enterprises

  • Conference
  • September 26–27, 2022, 9:00
  • Stockholm, Sweden

The leading international conference on Enterprise Design is back! Save the date, get your session proposals ready and join us in Stockholm this September.

A biographical methodology to reconstruct the enterprise story
Intersection 22 workshop

  • Conference Workshop
  • September 27, 2022, 13:00-14:30
  • Stockholm, Sweden

A biographical methodology useful to reconstruct the story of companies in a more objective way.