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EDGY Application Examples

Intersection Community Campfire
  • Intersection Community Campfire
  • June 26, 2024,5 pm - 6 pm CEST (Vienna, Paris, Berlin)
  • Online

EDGY Application Examples

Since his first conference at Intersection 2023, Matt has been serially experimenting with EDGY for a variety of businesses ranging from tech startups, innovation incubators, solopreneurs and even NPOs. Join our campfire to learn more about his brightest findings, craziest concepts, and overall EDGY adoption curve as an innovation consultant leveraging enterprise design through his own integrated approach.


Mathieu Roy
Mathieu Roy Lead, Product & Workshop facilitator

From Investment specialist to Product manager to Enterprise designer, Matt's career has always been about generating better ROI... but not just for investors. Mixing 8 years of portfolio management background (MBA, CFA) with 10 years of digital projects experience: you get a unique blend of EDGY colours to build a common language with all stakeholders. From a global rebrand project to Agile transformation to UX community public speaking to SaaS global launch for a 3D studio to hard-learned lessons about enterprise identity, this is actually why he founded STOIX consultancy firm. So that organizations learn to see through multiple lenses to [co]create virtuous circles for any enterprise.


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