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Goal Portfolio Management

With Wolfgang Goebl
  • Webinar
  • January 19, 2022,9am Berlin, Paris (CEST)
  • Online

Connect strategic portfolio management with Enterprise Design!

In most companies, strategic goals are created in a small circle of executives together with external strategy consultants- with only a limited connection to existing business architecture and future state enterprise design. Project portfolio management is the prevalent tool to manage the often 100s of change initiatives going on in parallel, all too often only weakly connected with the strategic goals of the organisation, dependencies between projects not well understood.

With the Intersection Toolkit (available end of 2021) we want to change that situation in the direction of a well-informed strategy process that is seamlessly connected with the portfolio of changes. Therefore we are going to introduce a tool called "Design Driven Goal Portfolio Management".

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • align your change initiatives to a shared vision, strategy and your goals
  • use your as-is Enterprise Design maps (e.g. Enterprise Core Map, Capability Map) as input for goal design
  • categorise your goals in a way that helps to steer all ongoing initiatives to a strategic direction that is aligned with the identity of the company
  • Adapt your project portfolio to a goal portfolio

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Wolfgang Goebl
Wolfgang Goebl President
Intersection Group

Wolfgang Goebl is the founder and President of the Intersection Group and an Enterprise Design Coach and IT Enterprise Architect at Austrian Power Grid. He is one of the authors of the book “Enterprise Design Patterns” and the EDGY language for collaborative Enterprise Design (www.enterprise.design).

Watch the recording

Wolfgang Goebl presents how to drive your strategic portfolio management by an enterprise design approach.