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Designing for an Economy for the Common Good

Intersection 22 keynote
  • Conference Talk
  • September 26, 2022,9:15-10:00
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Designing for an Economy for the Common Good

The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is an ethical market economy that is not based on the pursuit of profit and competition, but on the contribution to the common good and cooperation. Success is not primarily measured by financial metrics, but with the common good product (economics), the common good balance sheet (business) and a common good audit (finance) for investments. Inequality is to be limited to a reasonable level, and economic activities are only allowed within the ecological limits of the planet.

The aim is to reconcile market forces with the fundamental values of society and democracy. The ECG initiative started in Austria in 2010 and has since spread to 33 countries. Every person, company, municipality, city and region can actively participate in the international movement!


Christian Felber
Christian Felber Founder
Economy for the Common Good

Christian Felber, born 1972 in Salzburg, studied Romance philology, political science, psychology and sociology in Vienna and Madrid. 1998 scholarships for Literature from the Province of Salzburg and the Federal Chancellery of Austria. Since 1996 freelance journalist and author. Opinion pieces in numerous newspapers. 16 book publications, including “Money. The New Rules of the Game”, “Trading for Good” and “Change everything. Creating an Economy for the Common Good”, which is available in 12 languages and will be published in French and Japanese in late 2022. Contemporary dancer and performer since 2004. Since 2008 university lecturer. 2010 Initiator of the ECG movement and the Cooperative for the Common Good, which offers Austria’s first Common Good Account.

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