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Influencing enterprise change design requires behavioural change

Intersection 22 session
  • Conference Talk
  • September 27, 2022,10:30-11:00
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Influencing enterprise change design requires behavioural change

What is there to help those well-intentioned designs to drive the transformation that moves the enterprise forward? How do we assure transformation becomes a continuous process instead of a stop-and-start energy burst that produces a lot of movement, but loses most of its forward momentum to friction and turbulence? Let's have a look at everything that is necessary to move from Designed for Change to actual Transformation.


Hans van Bommel
Hans van Bommel Founder
Cycle to Accelerate

Hans van Bommel is founder and co-owner of IT company’s Cycle to Accelerate, SpronQ, OrinoQo and technology company fluQel. He worked for the last 20 years on major IT projects and Digital Transformation programs and also designed and built privately held IT SAAS solutions like PrivacyPerfect.com. Next to author Hans opinion articles are regularly published, he is also a columnist for Computable magazine and appears often in the Dutch media.

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