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Design tools for enterprise evolution

Intersection 22 session
  • Conference Talk
  • September 26, 2022,10:30-11:00
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Design tools for enterprise evolution

Are the design tools of creation appropriate for evolution? This session tackles the challenge of design in purpose-driven organisations. The journey of a public mental health service as they evolve their purpose and re-establish their identity, architecture and experience through co-design within the parameters of the Royal Commission recommendations. Enterprise design frameworks and tools, along with co-design principles and mindsets are used to frame and communicate the approach and process, and manage hurdles.


Jasmine van den Hurk
Jasmine van den Hurk Manager, Transformation and Reform
Melbourne Health

A public servant at heart, Jasmine is fueled by genuine curiosity. After spending her early career in traditional public service roles, five years ago, Jasmine found herself in the world of design sprints and operating model design and hasn’t left. Empowered with the knowledge of enterprise design and her highly driven nature, Jasmine’s soulfood is working with organisations to tackle complex problems and evolve to be more purpose driven, consumer-centric and operationally excellent.

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