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The enterprise anthropologist

Intersection 22 session
  • Conference Talk
  • September 27, 2022,13:00-13:30
  • Stockholm, Sweden

The enterprise anthropologist

Why do I think of myself as the in-company anthropologist? In order to improve collaboration across the functions that build a successful product, and deliver value in my Product Operations role, I need to understand the behaviours and mindsets that are holding us back first. I will share practical tactics I have used at fast-growing start-ups in Berlin and Paris to ethnographically surface and prioritise internal needs and turn them into solutions that make for better products and happier teams.


Marielle Velander
Marielle Velander Product Operations Specialist

Marielle Velander is a product operations specialist and anthropologist who currently applies her passion for people-centered process improvement as Senior Product Operations Manager at Babbel, a leading EdTech start-up. Prior to Babbel, she led product and research operations at Dashlane, a digital security start-up, and managed international design research projects at Reboot, a social impact firm based in New York City. Originally from Sweden, she now resides in Berlin with her French cat.

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