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Enterprise Design Storming

  • Conference
  • September 19, 2023,10:00-11:30
  • Vienna, Austria

Enterprise Design Storming

The Event Storming approach is very strongly used in an Domain Driven Design approach and is a way to harmonise the mental models of different actors by modelling a business, a process, an existing. It allows us to map knowledge and to highlight grey areas, pain points and problems. The workshop is carried out all together to align by creating discussions and confronting visions with all the people involved.

We propose to reuse this same Storming approach using EDGY concepts to conduct a full workshop that will produce a holistic vision of the company or the desired observation issue.

The workshop will collect and share with all the actors involved a complete vision of the concepts concerned. In output, this material can be used to quickly produce a Milky Way enterprise map.


Yoann Gérard
Yoann Gérard Leader Enterprise Architecture & IT Strategy

As an enterprise architect for several years now, I have been working within the onepoint group on transforming the practice to bring more impact to our clients and allow them to address their transformation issues in a holistic way. Convinced of the need to move away from traditional "IT Architect" visions with schemes that are often inaccessible to non-architects, we are exploring ways to use Enterprise Design in our various interventions.

Charles Zaoui
Charles Zaoui Agile leader

I have 30 years of experience, and have been able to work on a large number of projects, architectures, and methodologies. My convictions on operational efficiency and on the central importance of the human factor finally led me to specialise in enterprise agility. As a Business Agilist, I support companies towards the adoption of agility on a large scale by dealing with both the Methodology, Governance/Organization and IS dimensions. My support is based on the largest international Frameworks (SAFe, Scrum, Management 3.0, Lean, TOGAF, etc.). I'm also certified EDGY Practitioner with Intersection Group.

Gérald Morisseau
Gérald Morisseau Associate Architect

As a developer and architect for 20 years, I am working at Onepoint to improve the way systems are designed thanks to Domain Driven Design. I'm convinced that alignment with the business is the key to leveraging the impact of technology in digital transformation. I'm exploring how Enterprise Design and DDD can complement each other and maximise their benefits .

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