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Organizational Network Analysis for sustainable Enterprise Design

  • Conference Workshop
  • September 18, 2023,10:30-12:00
  • Vienna, Austria

Organizational Network Analysis for sustainable Enterprise Design

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is an underutilized asset in enterprise design. It can catapult innovation design processes and realization efforts by making latent network patterns (at team, business unit, even ecosystem level) visible. As they say, 'neurons that fire together, wire together'. By starting from social first principles (the people in enterprises) and a complexity network bias, we see organizations like Glaxo Smith Kline for example, transform their ways of working by making powerful positive habits the 'new normal'.


Curtis Michelson
Curtis Michelson CEO / Co-founder

Curtis Michelson is a longtime participant and attendee of INTERsection and is dedicated to helping people, teams and organizations be aligned and on purpose. As a student or organizational network analysis, he is keen to apply ONA to the challenges of enterprise design. His current venture INFOdj works with semantic networks (ideas and idea diffusion) to deliver just-in-time insights to corporate innovation teams - teams sprinting at the emerging edges of technology and business models. Based in Orlando, Florida, he gives time locally to community projects focused on social justice, reframing historical trauma narratives and green economies.

Silvia Fierascu
Silvia Fierascu Head of OrgMapper Academy

Silvia Fierascu, PhD, is a passionate professor, a global trainer, an interdisciplinary researcher, and an RDI consultant in Applied Network Science in Social and Communication Sciences, Organizational Development and Change Management. Her work at OrgMapper Academy reflects entirely who she is as a professional – a purpose-driven educator and changemaker. Her diverse experience working in all sectors - business, government, academia, and civil society – feeds into her vision of a global movement towards more data-driven, evidence-informed decision making, human-centric work cultures, sustainable ecosystems of wellbeing, value creation, and innovation.

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