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Focusing on the "Right" Things in a Time of Flux

  • Conference Talk
  • September 19, 2024,9:15-10:00
  • Rome, Italy

Focusing on the "Right" Things in a Time of Flux

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate executive who wants to drive change, are you focusing on the "right" things? Are you aware of the balance between the future and now? Are you aware of the difference between what you think people need and what people actually need? Are you aware of new avenues where changemakers make a difference? In this keynote, Gulay Ozkan will address these questions to inspire and equip you with the insights needed to lead transformative initiatives effectively in this time of flux.


Gulay Ozkan
Gulay Ozkan Founder

A global voice, a thought leader, and a renowned entrepreneur, Gulay Ozkan is driven by a fervent commitment to creating impact by humanizing technology through multidimensional research in design and social sciences with her engineering background. She founded companies and organizations like the award-winning GEDS Strategic Design Consultancy, PMI TR, and the Singularity University Istanbul chapter. As a well-recognized global leader, Gulay has been celebrated as one of 10 innovators at the 99% conference in New York (2012) and acknowledged among 20 strategic design experts in Europe by the UK’s Design Council (2016).

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