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Online Training: Introduction to the Intersection Toolkit

with Annika Klyver, Milan Guenther and Wolfgang Goebl
  • Training
  • November 15–19, 2021,8am - 11am Central European Time
  • Online

Learn how to have impact at scale, by design

"Enterprises need to change their way from fixing their being to intentionally designing their becoming"
— Wolfgang Goebl

"Broken customer relationships, silos and misalignment, disengaged employees, lack of purpose, operations failures, overpromising and underdelivering brands, lack of trust, power play and politics, complicated systems... are symptoms of bad Enterprise Design. In turn, any great product, service or experience relies on an enterprise designed to deliver."
— Milan Guenther

What is Enterprise Design?

Enterprise Design connects customer-centric business, product and service development to the enterprise transformation required to deliver. And no, this is not about running another Design Thinking workshop or learning a huge Enterprise Architecture framework by heart. Instead, this course will teach you how to use a combined design and architecture approach to give shape to enterprises.

Done in a holistic and systemic fashion, Enterprise Design can help you deal with challenges of innovation and transformation. It acts as the glue between Customer Experience and Business Architecture, and enables you and your team to tackle the complexity that makes ambitious endeavours so ambitious – and worthy of applying your collective intelligence and creativity.

Who is this for?

This course is for those that make enterprise change happen.

You might call yourself a Product or Service Designer, Product Owner or Agile Coach, Business or Enterprise Architect, Business Analyst or Solution Architect – the common challenge we all share is to positively impact our organisations by:

  • making sense of a complex environment
  • identifying and clarifying opportunities and risks
  • influencing decisions to improve enterprise identity, experience and architecture
  • enabling everyone in the enterprise to better leverage their collective capabilities

What will you learn?
Learning objectives of this course:

  1. Understand and apply the Intersection Toolkit for doing Enterprise Design and -Architecture
  2. Co-design your business and IT structures together in a seamless approach
  3. Learn the tools of the trade when applying the patterns in real life
  4. Work with executives at the portfolio level to inform initiatives before they start
  5. Run Enterprise Scan surveys to get evidence and inform the co-design
  6. Create compelling Enterprise Maps and get them adopted for conversations
  7. Engage stakeholders, build alliances and plan co-creation workshops and Enterprise Design Sprints
  8. Translate to-be visions into product development at scale and architectural/organisational changes
  9. Support other teams across your (client) organisation with Enterprise Design Systems content and tools.

Participants will learn how to use a set of tools, patterns, maps, formats and skills across the loop of innovation and transformation by design.


Wolfgang Goebl
Wolfgang Goebl President
Intersection Group

Wolfgang Goebl is the founder and President of the Intersection Group, and a lateral thinker and visionary with a passion for challenging state-of-the-practice concepts from new and exciting viewpoints. He’s been working in the field of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) in several large companies in Austria for fourteen years now. He is a recognized speaker at various EAM conferences and author of several publications in journals in Germany and Austria.

Milan Guenther
Milan Guenther President
Intersection Group

Milan’s work is about design applied to the enterprise level. He is president of Intersection Group and a co-founder of Enterprise Design Associates. Milan works with enterprises of all shapes and sizes to bring entrepreneurship to life: designing brands, products and organisations, operations and systems, to make enterprises actually deliver and be useful to people. His first book Intersection introduces this Enterprise Design approach, and he has been co-organising the Intersection conference series since 2014. He is co-author of Enterprise Design Patterns, and teaches design for innovation and transformation at Telecom Paris and Sciences Po Paris.

Annika Klyver
Annika Klyver Core Team
Intersection Group

Annika Klyver’s work is about making transformations in large organisations happen. She has worked with Enterprise and Information Architecture for over 15 years. She has experience from numerous change and architecture programs in several business lines. Her background is in controlling, business development and within project portfolio management. She has also been a highly appreciated teacher in EA since 2011. Annika is a thought leader in Business Architecture, the ways of working, the visualization of business architecture and she is constantly looking for better ways to create great Enterprises. She is a speaker at international conferences. Annika is a Business Designer/Architect at Scania.


Participation fee: € 1 950 per participant

Intersection Group is a registered not for profit association under Austrian law and therefore exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT).

This course includes 18 hours of training sessions delivered remotely using videoconferencing and collaboration tools. The course sessions are scheduled from 8 am to 11.00 CET over all 5 days from November 15 to 19. Each participant will obtain proof of participation.


Monday, November 15, 2021

  • From a shared purpose to investment in change
    Introduction to Enterprise Design
    Recognising Enterprise Awkwardness
    Using the Enterprise Design Facet model to frame enterprise challenges
    Working with Enterprise Purpose, vision and strategy
    Designing a goal portfolio for investments in change
    Making better decisions with well-designed goals aligning your change initiatives

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

  • Using an Enterprise Scan to explore the enterprise ecosystem
    Overview of research and assessment techniques
    Choosing between interviews, observation and immersion (qualitative) or data analytics and surveys (quantitative)
    Running an Enterprise Assessment and Customer Experience Top Task identification survey
    Mapping out Customer Experience tasks and insights

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

  • Creating enterprise maps and models to collaboratively chart your environment
    Get the full picture of your enterprise with the EDGY language
    Design business capabilities as the centre of gravity of architecture a means for organisation and product design
    Capability-based application portfolio design
    Explore structure and dynamics in a Milky Way Enterprise Map
    Co-create scenarios for potential future avenues

Thursday, November 18, 2021

  • Better future enterprises through facilitated co-creation
    Engaging your community of co-creators
    Approaches to enterprise innovation by design
    Uncovering opportunities and prototyping change
    Planning an Enterprise Design Sprint workshop
    Delivering into product backlogs and scaled agile development processes

Friday, November 19, 2021

  • Bridging to implementation with systemic design
    Turning your Enterprise Design initiative into a systemic intervention
    Zooming in and out from ecosystem level all the way to specific changes
    An Enterprise Design System: Principles, Platforms and Patterns for change at scale
    Measuring impact and making adaptive course corrections


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