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Here we publish introduction videos to Enterprise Design and the Intersection Group, and recordings from our webinars and conference talks.

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Your introduction to Enterprise Design practice and EDGY

What is Enterprise Design?
by Milan Guenther

What is EDGY?
by Wolfgang Goebl

What is an Enterprise?
by Wolfgang Goebl

What tools can you use?
by Milan Guenther

Enterprise Design Patterns

Behavioral Patterns
by Bard Papegaaij

Impact Patterns
by Annika Klyver and Bard Papegaaij

Practice Patterns
by Milan Guenther and Wolfgang Goebl

Creation Patterns
by Annika Klyver and Wolfgang Goebl

Intersection Conference talks

Highlights from our annual conference on Enterprise Design since 2014

On strategic and impactful design

Creating Pattern Languages for a Future where We Can Live Well
by Takashi Iba

Design as Managed Serendipity
by Dave Snowden

Reflections on the Pattern of Leaving
by Naomi Stanford

Enterprise Design meets Enterprise Investment
by Chris Potts