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Enterprise Design Patterns

A pattern language for Enterprise Design practitioners around the globe, both aspiring and experienced.

You might call yourself a Business or Enterprise Architect, Experience or Service Designer, Organisation Developer, Agile Coach, Business Analyst or Solution Architect; the common values we all share is the desire to positively impact our organisations by:

  • making sense of a complex environment
  • identifying and clarifying opportunities and risks
  • influencing decisions to improve enterprise identity, experience and architecture
  • enabling everyone in the enterprise to better leverage their collective capabilities
Enterprise Design Patterns Book

How we work, communicate, influence and deliver value is continually evolving. Enterprise Design Patterns bring together collective wisdom from global thought leaders into a practical format for you to adapt and apply to your context and ultimately amplify your ability to positively impact your enterprise, customers and communities.

35 patterns have been published in our first book Enterprise Design Patterns.

  • Impact: How to deal with commonly occurring obstacles in the enterprise design practice
  • Creations: maps, models and other content that people love to co-create
  • Behaviour: building the strong relationships you need for a collaborative design process
  • Practice: applying an evidence-based, open and reflective design approach
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