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Intersection Group is run by a community of people organised as a not-for-profit association, committed to the idea of creating better enterprises. We bring together practitioners working with enterprises in internal roles or as external consultants, authors and academics from connected fields, as well as member organisations that partner with our community to develop the practice, tools and content. If you are interested in becoming a member or contributing, have a look at our membership and partnership options.

Board and Core Team

Our association is led by a board of two presidents and a treasurer. Board members are responsible for our group's Enterprise Design, act as legal representatives and take care of contracting, memberships, finances and compliance. They are supported by an interdisciplinary Core Team giving a multi-faceted view on everything we produce, providing content reviews and quality assurance, and extending our reach into a broad range of professional communities connected to our cause.

Association Board

Wolfgang Goebl
Milan Guenther

Core Team

Scott Ambler
Helgi Björgvinsson
Jean-Sébastien Daigle
Goh Hirose
Kine Olsen
Bard Papegaaij
Andre Vidigal

Creation Team Leads

Tools, content and offerings by Intersection Group are co-created by small teams with a mixed, interdisciplinary background in relevant fields, organised in a few concurrent workstreams. They are led by a group of expert practitioners and bring together the expertise and experience required to make rapid progress on particular challenges and approaches in Enterprise Design and related areas.

Art & Design

Dennis Middeke
Jean-Sébastien Daigle


Bard Papegaaij
Wolfgang Goebl


Dennis Middeke
Milan Guenther

EDGY & tools

Wolfgang Goebl
Milan Guenther
Annika Klyver
Bard Papegaaij

Community & partners

Helgi Björgvinsson
Goh Hirose


Wolfgang Goebl
Milan Guenther
Annika Klyver

Advising Members

Individual members and representatives from member organisations are experienced practitioners that contribute to Intersection Group and our activities as Advising Members. They take part in events, conversations and sessions, get early access to content and tools, provide feedback and reviews, and support the co-creation and delivery of our products and services.

Adriano Tavares
Alan Inglis
Alok Bhide
Andre Olivier
Andre Vidigal
Andreea Strachina
Annika Klyver
Antonio Bruno
Arian Jacobs
Bard Papegaaij
Bartosz Balewski
Benno Lœwenberg
Bernard Gagnon
Brian Seitz
Bülent Duagi
Christian Scholz
Daniel Tchakounte
Darryl Carr
Deirdre Caren
Dennis Middeke
Edward Langeland
Fedder Skovgaard
Flavio Fabiani
Gottfried Szing
Hans van Bommel
Heidi Beets

Helgi Björgvinsson
Howard Wiener
Ibtissam Ben Baha
Igor Arkhipov
James Williams-Blakey
Jan Eckhardt
Jean-Sébastien Daigle
Joanne Dong
Johannes Joubert
John Gøtze
John Mortimer
Karl Walter Keirstead
Karthikeyan Ganeshan
Katarina Sjöstrand
Kiran Divakaran
Lars Thomasson
Lisa Woodall
Luboš Fryc
Lyronne Rangan
Marc Lankhorst
Marcos Cabrera
Marion Desclaux
Max Barrass
Martin Mocker
Milan Guenther
Nathan Allchin

Naomi Stanford
Nicholas Jones
Nico Celen
Parag Gogate
Pascal Dussart
Pascal Négros
Paul Tolchinsky
Philip Hellyer
R.M. Bastien
Renate Hassek
Richard Thackeray
Ruthu Raj
Sasha Aganova
Scott Ambler
Scott Mckendrick
Stéphane Vanrechem
Steve Weiland
Susan Hasty
Tim Schiettekatte
Tom Graves
Tomomi Sasaki
Tony Browne
Valery Korobeynikov
Winston Sucher
Wolfgang Goebl