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Intersection Toolkit

Together with our core team, workstreams and other practitioners from various disciplines we started to work on the "Intersection Toolkit". This toolkit will include a set of applied tools that cover the essential activities needed to create better enterprises including exploration and context assessment, co-creation and workshop design, mapping and modelling enterprises, instruments for strategic management and making the link to realisation through building, sharing and reuse. It is bound for an initial release towards end of 2022.

Intersection Loop

Why a toolkit?

The toolkit collects the knowledge of our growing interdisciplinary community and makes it available for everybody. This set of coherent tools will enable enterprise-wide change initiatives to connect today's disparate approaches for innovation and transformation. It will bring together and draw upon a set of proven existing approaches and frameworks:

  • Architectural Thinking Framework
  • Enterprise Design Framework
  • The Milky Way Enterprise Map
  • Top Task Management

If you are interested in contributing to our workstreams or supporting our Intersection Toolkit development, consider joining Intersection Group as a member or partner.

Enterprise Design Starter Kit

As a sneak preview of the upcoming Intersection Toolkit, download our free Enterprise Design Starter kit with tools, templates and examples:

  • Enterprise Design Facets: a shared model to understand enterprises
  • Enterprise Scan: a research, discovery and assessment tool
  • Enterprise Maps: language and mapping templates
  • Enterprise Design Sprint: a rapid co-design workshop format
  • Enterprise Design System: promoting sharing & reuse
Discover the Enterprise Design Facets Get the free Enterprise Design Starter Kit