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Intersection Group helps people create better enterprises. We achieve this by building an interdisciplinary community and a platform for individuals and enterprises to collaborate and exchange.

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Who we are

Intersection Group is a global community of people interested and invested in creating better enterprises. With our association we extend an open invitation to anyone who shares this challenge and ambition, rather than forming a traditional professional organisation: you don't have to call yourself an Enterprise Designer to join and contribute. Our members are working as designers and architects, analysts and advisors, founders and executives, investors and leaders, coaches and mentors, authors and researchers.

Our members are engaged in co-creating publications and a set of coherent open source tools developed from practice, research and conversations. This EDGY Open Source Tool combines approaches from various disciplines such as Enterprise and Business Architecture, Service and Organisation Design, Brand Identity and Strategic Management, and makes them work together in a seamless approach for more coherent enterprises.

Our work is adopted worldwide by enterprises and people who seek to change them, and enabled by learning products and software tools developed and delivered by our growing member network of practitioners, and our partners such as consultancies and vendors. We are a not for profit association registered in Vienna, Austria, and led by a global team of experienced practitioners.

What we do

Our association is led by a core team of practitioners from relevant fields. We welcome individuals who want to contribute as Advising Members, and we invite those recognised as authority in their respective field to join us and help shape our thinking, tools and publications. Our community also extends to our enterprise and solution partners that apply our approaches and tools in their projects, develop connected products, services and learning offerings, and support our development work. We build and run a platform that enables collaboration and co-creation, and makes this community thrive.

We published our first joint book on Enterprise Design Patterns, the first in a series of publications. We released the first version of our EDGY Open Source Tool for collaborative Enterprise Design. Our work relies on a number of workstreams run by our members and supported by our network of enterprises and vendors, that is reviewed and adapted every year. We also run an online community on Slack and continue to organise the Intersection Conference series.

We operate according to the Austrian law of associations and our statutes.

Our story

Intersection started in 2012 with the book Intersection: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap Between Business, Technology and People by Milan Guenther, co-founder of the European design consultancy Enterprise Design Associates. This book first introduced the idea of an Enterprise Design approach, together with a framework and methodology.

Since 2014, the Intersection Conference series attracts a growing number of Enterprise Design practitioners across the globe every year. Past events happened in Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Prague, Lisbon and Stockholm.

Things accelerated when Milan joined Wolfgang Goebl in the leadership team of the Architectural Thinking Association created in 2018, a not for profit organisation developing a set of tools for designing sustainably adaptive enterprises, and making architecture available to a broad range of people facing this challenge.

In 2020 we brought our communities together to form Intersection Group, dedicated to developing the next generation approach for creating better enterprises.